Setting up Jetty

Guide on setting up Jetty for ebxmlrr.

Jetty is a compact servlet container and HTTP server that is designed to be embedded in your Java application. It is fully compliant with the latest servlet specifications and can be used to replace Tomcat as a servlet engine for ebxmlrr.

  1. Download Jetty from
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Work through the tutorial and read the documentation if you are not familiar with jetty.
  4. The tutorial explains how to create a start script or how to start Jetty programmatically.
  5. Set the property catalina.home in the file in your ebxmlrr home directory to your Jetty installation directory.
  6. Run build deploy.
  7. Here is an example jetty.xml file to configure Jetty. Don't forget to adapt the path to your Jetty installation in the addWebApplication section: