Developer Documentation

This section documents the sorts of things that are of interest to developers working with the source code. That's not to say that you can't read it if you're not a developer or that you can't contribute code unless you've read this section. This information is available to everyone, and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the project in any way they can.

Updates to this guide to include more information may happen at a later date. To request a topic or if you're having trouble with an existing topic posted on this site please contact us.

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Admin Tool ? Configuring and extending the admin tool
Debugging ? Debugging the client, the server, or both
Using NetBeans ? Setting up and using the NetBeans IDE to edit and debug the registry
Adding a Package ? Adding a package that you can compile and run using package-specific Ant targets
Working with Bindings ? Working with bindings that were generated using JAXB
Adding a new RIM class ? Adding a new type to code when RIM is updated

Coding Conventions ? Project-specific conventions to follow when writing code
Using Sun Products ? Deploying and debugging the registry on the Sun Java System Web Server
Maven and site docs ? How to generate the ebxmlrr site with Maven
Security Settings - How to configure security settings