The freebXML Registry 3.0 (OMAR) - Documentation

Here you can find all the documentation for OMAR (Object, Metadata and Artifacts Registry). Click on a link to go the respective page.

Features : Features of OMAR
Server - Setup Guide : Configuring and deploying the server
Registry Browser Web UI - User Guide : Using the Registry Browser Web UI
Registry Browser Web UI - Documents : Links to Configuration Guide and other documents

Registry Browser Java UI - Tutorial : Using the Registry Browser Java UI
User Registration Guide: How to register and authenticate

Mailing Lists : Public mailing lists for this project
Properties Guide : Property files and properties
Logging Guide : How to configure logging
HTTPS Guide : Using HTTPS when accessing the server
Bug and RFE Fix Guide : Instructions for fixing bugs and requesting enhancements
Patch Submission Guide : Instructions for submitting patches
Admin Tool Guide : Using the command-line admin tool
JUnit Test Guide : How to develop and run JUnit tests for the project
Developer Documentation : Extra information useful to those working with the source code

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