Tutorial - Look and Feel Themes

The Registry Browser Java UI supports four different 'look and feel' themes that are useful in different circumstances:

  • Metal - the default Java look and feel
  • Presentation - 'Metal on steroids' for use when demonstrating the browser
  • Constrast - high contrast
  • Low Vision - high contrast and large text
Selecting a Theme

You can select new theme from the 'Theme' submenu of the 'View' menu.

Figure 6.1 - Selecting a Theme

'Metal' Theme

This is the default Java look and feel.

Figure 6.2 - 'Metal' Theme

'Presentation' Theme

This is a look and feel that is useful when demonstrating the Registry Browser Java UI since it is based on the 'Metal' look and feel but has larger font sizes to make the text easier to read from a distance.

Figure 6.3 - 'Presentation' Theme

'Contrast' Theme

This is a high-contrast look and feel for those with poorer eyesight and those that prefer the uncluttered look.

Figure 6.4 - 'Contrast' Theme

'Low Vision' Theme

This is a look and feel with both high-contrast and large font sizes for those with poor eyesight.

Figure 6.5 - 'Low Vision' Theme