About freebXML Registry Q&A

What is an ebXML Registry?

An ebXML registry is an information system that securely manages any content type and the standardized metadata that describes it.

“ebXML Registry is to web services what relational databases were to enterprise applications”

It is based upon the ebXML Registry standard as defined by OASIS

What are some common use case of ebXML Registry?

What is freebXML Registry?

"freebXML Registry is the first to deliver a feature- complete and spec-compliant
implementation of the latest ebXML Registry Standard"

What are some features and benefits of using freebXML Registry?

What standard does freebXML Registry support?

XML Standard

Java Standards

The freebXML Registry project is implemented entirely on the Java Platform

Other Standards

Who is using freebXML Registry and why?

Apelon – Health Care

Manage  medical guidelines and make them available to doctors and nurses.

France Telecom – Telecommunication Services

Implement and manage a registry/repository that enables francophone sectors to submit e-business requirements and to retrieve relevant information (Core Components, BIEs, and other documents).

General Motors – Automotive

Manage business processes and partner profiles in GM reference Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Government of Canada – eGovernment

Standardize processes, roles and business data across Government of Canada within Government Strategic Reference Model.

Republica – eGov Software

Manage ebXML Core Components and business vocabulary used in eGovernment use cases. Republica's freebXML Registry based product is deployed at Finnish Ministry of Finance.

RosettaNet – eBusiness Process Standards

Manage RosettaNet technical dictionary including business processes and related artifacts.

Sabre – Travel

Manage business processes, partner profiles, XML schemas and related artifacts.

SDMX – Statistics

Case study involving virtual hub for external debt data and metadata. The Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) initiative is
sponsored by the BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IMF, OECD, UN and World Bank.

Sun Microsystems – Hardware / Software

Manage internal and external facing web services and
share them with employees and partners.