We welcome members of the ebxmlrr developer community to join the ebxmlrr team.

The process is as follows:

  1. Join ebmlrr-tech mailing list
  2. Install CVS tools if you have not already got them. On windows platform we recommend installing cygwin which include CVS tools.
  3. Checkout from CVS source tree, the ebxmlrr and jaxr modules of ebxmlrr project. Replace ebxmlrr and jaxr for modulename in CVS instructions. Build it and get setup with ebxmlrr as a user. Ask question on ebxmlrr-tech if you need help.
  4. Install a supported database (PostgreSQL 7.2 recommended, Oracle 9i, DB2 cloudscape 5 may also be used).
  5. Register with Source Forge and get a userid
  6. Send your Source Forge userid and indicate your intent to join the team. Include background information about your self (please send a brief paragraph introducing yourself with answer to following questions even if sending a resume):
    1. What you do for work and/or What you are studying
    2. What interested you in ebXML Registry and what are your technical skills and interest etc.
    3. A brief biography that can be used to introduce you to other team members
  7. Pending team approval you will be accepted as a provisional team member
  8. As a provisional team member you will:
    1. Be added to the ebxmlrr-team and ebxmlrr-commits alias
    2. Become an experienced user of ebxmlrr
    3. Help others on ebxmlrr-tech
    4. Contribute bug fixes and other contributions. Any code you contribute would be reviewed by a team member with committer status who will commit it to CVS on your behalf.
    5. Use the latest CVS code base

After a period of sustained contributions as a provisional team member you will earn committer status and will be able to commit code yourself and take on on independent assignments of broader scope.

Please post to ebxmlrr-tech if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.