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Packages that use RegistryObjectDAO

Uses of RegistryObjectDAO in com.sun.ebxml.registry.persistence.rdb

Subclasses of RegistryObjectDAO in com.sun.ebxml.registry.persistence.rdb
 class AssociationDAO
 class AuditableEventDAO
 class ClassificationDAO
 class ClassificationNodeDAO
          Concept instances are used to define tree structures where each node in the tree is a Concept.
 class ClassificationSchemeDAO
 class ExternalIdentifierDAO
          ExternalIdentifier instances provide the additional identifier information to RegistryEntry such as DUNS number, Social Security Number, or an alias name of the organization.
 class ExternalLinkDAO
 class ExtrinsicObjectDAO
 class OrganizationDAO
 class RegistryEntryDAO
 class RegistryPackageDAO
          Package instances are RegistryEntries that group logically related RegistryEntries together.
 class ServiceBindingDAO
          Maps to a BindingTemplate in UDDI.
 class ServiceDAO
 class SpecificationLinkDAO
          Represents a link or reference to a technical specification used within a SpecificationLinkBinding.
 class UserDAO

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