This page contains a Registry Capability Comparison Matrix (RCCM) and supporting details. Its was developed to help the OASIS egov TC define registry requirements for egov, and to determine how different Registry standards meet the identified requirements.

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What is Include

The RCCM currently only includes standards for directories, registries and registry/reopositries. This list may be incomplete.

What is Not Included

The RCCM does not currently include products. This is because we cannot be partial to one product or another.

The RCCM does not currently include general catgories (e.g. Ontological Registries ). This is because it is difficult to fill out the matrix for a broad category.

Registry Capability Comparison Matrix




ebXML Registry V3

ISO 11179

Service Registration / Discovery

Basic publish and discovery of WSDL

Ability to store WSDL in repository

Manage life cycle of WSDL

Secure access control and authorization for WSDL

Custom Cataloging and Validation of WSDL

Discovery of WSDL using custom ad hoc queries (e.g. "Find all WSDL that import a certain file or use a certain name space or use a certain portType etc.")

Automatic Versioning of WSDL

Notify clients of changes to WSDL

Discovery Support

Pre-defined queries

Custom ad hoc queries with predicate support


SQL Query ad hoc syntax support

XML based ad hoc query syntax support

Stored (registry-resident) queries

Parameterized (registry-resident) queries

Governance Support

Approval of Objects

Deprecation of Objects

Un-deprecation of Objects

Taxonomy Support

Pre-defined taxonomies

User-defined taxonomies

Taxonomy browsing and validation

Ontology support

Relationship Support

Ability to define custom Associations between any two objects

Ability to define custom relationship types

Package Support (grouping related objects in a package)

Allow a package to contain multiple objects

Allow an object to be contained in multiple packages


Registry Managed Version control of metadata

Registry Managed Version control of content

Event Subscription and Notification

Simple event notification

Ability to select events using custom query

Content based event notification

Delivery of events to a regsietered web service

Delivery of events to a regsietered email address

Content Management

Arbitrary Content (content repository)


Content specific Validation

Content specific Cataloging

Federation Support

Federated queries

Object refereneces between any object in one registry to any object in any other registry

Object replication from any registry to any other registry


Digital signature authentication

Custom Acess Control based on identity, role, group

Federated Identity Management

  • Based on SAML 2.0

Single Sign On (SSO) support

  • Based on SAML 2.0

Audit trail

Protocol Bindings Supported

HTTP API binding

  • [ebrr_http]


SOAP API binding


ebMS API binding


Object oriented information model


Extensible information model (Metadata is extensible)

Extensible API and protocol (allows custom request / response messages)

Supporting Notes

The following notes are hyperlinked from cells within the table above.